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Monday, July 13, 2020

To prepare benzoic acid from benzanilide./To prepare benzoic acid

Aim:-To prepare benzoic acid from benzanilide. 

Reference – [1 ] Agrawal O.P. “practical organic chemistry” pub. by Krishna prakashan media[p] thirty First edition 2014 [reprint] page. 325 

[2] furniss  brian S. and  Hanna ford Antony etal “vogels  textbook of Practical organic chemistry fifth edition. 

Requirement: Chemicals – benzanilide. Sulphuric acid. Sodium hydroxide. Ice cube.
 Glassware’s: – beaker, reflex condenser with flask, water bath, Funnel, tripod stand, burner. 

Theory - benzoic acid is a white colorless solid with the formula C6H5 CooH. It is the simplest aromatic carboxylic acid. Benzoic acid Occur naturally in many plants salt of benzoic acid are used as food Preservation. Melting point is 249.2 C and molar mass 122.12g/mol. 

To prepare benzoic acid from benzanilide.

Chemical reaction:-

C6H5NHCOC6H5   --------→ C6H5NH2 + C6H5COOH
  BENZANILIDE                       ANILINE  + BENZOIC ACID

Procedure: – 

  1. 5 gm of benzanilide and 20ml of 70% sulphuric acid were placed in Small flask fitted with reflex condenser.
  2. The content was boil gently for half one hour. 
  3. Then 60ml of hot water was poured down the condenser and cool the flask in ice water. 
  4. Filtered off the benzoic acid and separated out. 
  5. Washed well with water drain and dry.
  6. Above mentioned filtrate alkaline was formed by adding 10% of sodium hydroxide solution.
  7. Cooled and isolated aniline by ether extraction & recovered ether. 

Result – Benzoic acid was synthesized and the percentage (%) yield was found to be ……..

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